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Mandi Miles is a Nature, Landscape & Wildlife Photographer based out of Mississauga, ON

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Evening Silhouette

Unique night-time Wedding Photos  - The Evening Silhouette

The Evening Silhouette is something uniquely created by Mandi specifically for her brides.  You can feel the infusion of Romance is every one.  Using nature and lighting accessories, Mandi creates a beautiful and romantic approach to Wedding Portraits by shooting at night.  Her unique approach has earned her much recognition in the Wedding Industry and a featured spot on Bride Canada for her evening silhouette work.

Evening Silhouettes are made by blending longer exposure photograpy with creative lighting elements, bringing a little something extra delightful and romantic to the typical Wedding Portraits.  The images are quite dramatic and focus attention on the details through the skillful use of external lighting. Extra details and busy backgrounds disappear into the night allowing for the love and emotion of the Bride and Groom to shine through.

For information on Evening Silhouette availability and rates please email: info@milesawayphotography.com or submit an inquiry through the Contacts page.