My love of birds and photography really started around the same time.  It's funny how something small can change your life and your perception.

It started with the purchase of a bird feeder.  It was a handmade feeder that had suction cups for the window with a stained glass bird created on it.  I thought it was pretty and purchased it on a whim.  It was perfect for the 2nd floor window I had in mind.  So I put some sunflower seeds in the feeder and waited.  3 days later I noticed a shadow moving through the curtains and took a peek.  There was a bird at the feeder.  I had no idea what kind of bird but it was the same bird depicted in the stained glass.   I was fascinated.  I had seen birds all my life and took them for granted, but here was a bird not 2 feet from my eyes through the glass.  I couldn't look away.

I received a bird identification book as a gift that Christmas and it started a journey into birds and birding that filtered into photography.  I started grabbing the camera and shooting pictures so that I could study the Bird Book later and identify the species.  I am always excited when I see a new species that I haven't seen or photographed before.

The bird on the feeder?  It was a nuthatch.  Still one of my favorite birds to this day.  The way they walk straight down a tree or the underside of a branch is so fun to watch.

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Mandi Miles is a Nature, Landscape & Wildlife Photographer based out of Mississauga, ON